Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

Alesce | Podcast: Walking the Journey

Our co-founder May Chua was part of the conversation with Alesce - a modern day woman podcast - where she spoke about Commune Wear and the journey forward. Creating a space where woman can speak about their journeys in the fashion industry, as a start up, is incredibly important and we are grateful for sharing our journey with you!

🎧EP 5: Walking the Journey with May, Co-Founder of Commune Wear

Whether it is a literal journey to a new destination or a figurative one through the years and seasons, we all go on journeys in some shape and form. While some of these journeys are easy to make, others require more grit and strength. How do we continue to walk on through life even when things seem bleak? How do we find the strength to take one step forward each day?

In this episode, Natalie and Joy chat with May, Co-founder of Commune Wear about the journeys she’s been on throughout her life. From moving countries and dealing with the transitions that come with it to starting Commune Wear after a meal with her friends, May shares her story and what’s needed to take the next step: courage, vision and a good pair of Commune Wear shoes.

As the new year approaches, get inspired and join our conversation with May. It might just be the fuel you need to walk on into the new year!


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