Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

About Us

Commune [ verb kuh-myoon ] - to be in intimate communication or rapport

Commune Wear is a fashion and lifestyle brand that hopes to embrace our passion for sharing what we love with our nearest and dearest. With Commune Wear (CW), we hope to build a community that generously shares our favourite things - such as hangouts, recipes, travel stories, life hacks and great moments. 

The CW line aims to bring handcrafted footwear made with great leather at an affordable price point, prioritising comfort and style. These high quality leather shoes were first designed in Myanmar (Our HQ team has since relocated to Singapore), and made by our skilled artisan who are part of second-generation family owned business in South East Asia. With their passion and dedication to crafting, and products that are made to last, Commune Wear hopes to encourage a more sustainable approach to fashion choices. 

Individual components of the shoes have all been carefully selected to achieve the highest standards of quality - from the buttery soft calf leather used to line the uppers to the memory foam encased within the soles. To provide long lasting comfort, shoes have been designed to reduce common pressure points and naturally mould to the foot over time. When donning a pair from Commune Wear, we hope you will be able to commune with your surroundings.