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1. Can I check if the Mary Janes will be available at the boutique fair?
No they will not be available at this BFS. MTO for Square Toe Mary Jane will reopen on 3rd May to 13th May 2024. 

2. Will the shoes be available after the fair?
The shoes collection will be launched on 3rd May, in the event the shoes are sold out during BFS, Made-to-Order will be open from 3rd May till the 13th May.

3. Is there a return or exchange policy?
As long as it is within 14 days from the day you receive the shoes, unworn, unused and in it’s cloth bag, you can make an exchange.
There is no full refund, only shop credit, valid for up to 6 months (on our website it’s 3 months, we are giving 3 months extra).

4. What is your most popular shoe?
The Day Flats - as they are 2 in 1 shoes, easily removable ankle strap.

5. Do you have BFS Discounts? If we purchase more than 1 pair do we get a discount?
To keep the leather shoes affordable, we have tried to price them as reasonably as possible because of this, we do not do discounts :) (this also include display pieces, if it so happens that display piece is the last item, they can either MTO a new pair or purchase the display piece without discount)

6. What are the shoes made of?
They are handcrafted with cow leather, all of the shoes are made with leather, some pig and some cow leather lining. Kindly read the individual description to know better.

7. Where are the shoes made in?
They are handcrafted by our artisan in South East Asia.

8. Are those on display at BFS the only design CW has?
No, we have more in-store and online at www.communewear.com. We are only bringing limited designs to BFS. 


1. What are some tips to take care of leather shoes?

a. If possible, dust weekly with soft brush or cloth, do not use alcohol wipes. We do sell leather cleaners. And giving out 200 organic leather cleaners from Hands Design. 

b. Avoid wearing daily to allow shoes to “breathe” as the leather absorbs moisture from your feet and wet leather is more prone to stretching, creasing, scruffing and staining. 

c. Your feet sweat throughout the day, and the leather absorbs the moisture.

d. Store shoes in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and ensure they are well ventilated. If shoes get wet accidentally, DO NOT use heat (sunlight/hair dryer), instead wipe shoes gently, when damp apply leather conditioner and let them air dry.

2. How long can the shoe last?

If cared well, leather shoes can last a lifetime.

3. What if my shoes gets wet in the rain or I accidentally step into a puddle of water?

a. Leather has great durability and strength, and if well cared for, they can potentially last a lifetime. Don't get your leather get wet!  We know sometimes it can be unavoidable, but be mindful of those puddles.The main issue arises when the leather dries after it gets wet. As the water dries, it draws out the natural oils of the leather, losing its supple quality which makes it brittle. It will then cause the leather to dry out and crack.

b. If it does get wet, gently wipe off any water and allow it to dry naturally. It's important not to apply any strong heat, eg. hairdryer / under direct sun. While the leather is damp, apply a thin coat of leather conditioner, in a small circular rotation with a soft and clean cloth

4. How can I clean my shoes?

a. Use a soft cloth or brush to wipe away the dust on the shoes. Never use alcohol wipes to clean your leather bags or shoes.

b. With the CW Leather Cleaners or the Organic Leather Balm from Handsdesign, apply a pea size on a cloth / kitchen towel / tissue, and rub it in a circular motion around the entire leather.

c. Do note that for the Organic Leather Balm - they do “aged” the leather, by creating a darker tint.

d. Let the shoes dry before storing them.

e. Just like our our skin, leather needs to be moisturized.

5. Does the leather wrinkles?

    1. Yes, leather can develop wrinkles over time, especially with use and age. Just like human skin, leather can lose elasticity and develop creases, folds, or wrinkles due to factors such as bending, stretching, and exposure to moisture or heat. 
    2. However, proper care and maintenance can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and prolong the life of leather goods.
    3. You can put stuffing into the shoes, such as newspaper or used paper. Apply a layer of CW leather cleaner or leather conditioner to moisturize the leather. This will remove the wrinkles - you can refer to our IG reels.

6. Does the leather shoes mold? 

a. Yes, leather can develop mold if it is exposed to damp or humid conditions for an extended period. Mold thrives in moist environments, and leather is susceptible to mold growth if it is not properly cared for or stored in a dry, well-ventilated area.

b. To prevent mold growth on leather goods, it's essential to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

c. Regular cleaning and conditioning can also help maintain the integrity of the leather and prevent mold from forming. Use CW Leather Cleaner, before storing the shoes away for a long period of time.

7. The shoes hurts, and are giving me blister. What do I do? 

a. The shoes should be a comfortable snug. As the leather stretches over time. To facilitate breaking the leather. Customers can: Wear a thick socks around the house to break the leather. Wear socks, and use a hair dryer on medium heat to loosen the leather. Careful not to use high heat as it will spoil the leather.

8. Why do the leather lining / shoe base comes apart? (i.e the glue loosen) 

This can be due to many factors, i.e how the shoes are stored at home, the weather condition, artisan not allowing enough time for the glue to activate. It can easily be fixed, by bringing down to our store and we can glue them back.

9. Can I spray waterproofing on the shoes to prevent it from getting wet? 

a. Yes, you can use waterproofing sprays to protect your shoes from getting wet. These sprays create a barrier on the surface of the leather that repels water, helping to prevent moisture from seeping into the material. However, it's essential to choose a waterproofing spray specifically designed for leather footwear and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when applying it.

b. Keep in mind that while waterproofing sprays can provide some protection against water damage, they may not make the shoes completely impervious to moisture. It's still essential to avoid prolonged exposure to water and take proper care of your leather shoes to maintain their condition over time.


1. Are there any specific shoes made for certain foot conditions?

The Cloudsoft © leather are great for customers with bunions - the colours are Toast, Ovaltine, Chai and Burnt Caramel. The leather is softer. With softer leather they do stretch more, wrinkle and scratches more easily.

2. Is this an asian fitting or a standard fitting?

Our shoes are design for wide feet, as such for customers with slim feet might find it not fitting them well.

3. How can I know if a shoe fits me well?

a. The shoe should not hurt you when you first try, it should be a comfortable snug. Leather stretches with time, so it’s important that they are not loose. It is also important that they are not too tight on first wear, to prevent blisters.

b. You can also stretch the leather to help break the leather before your first wear.

c. Always make sure not to wear them the whole day for the 1st wear, a good gauge would be 3 - 4 hours for covered shoes.

4. Which shoe is the most comfortable?

a. The Preppy Loafers in Toast and Ovaltine - as they are used with the softest leather. 

b. The Slip on Loafers Chestnut and Fawn are made with Chamois leather, one of the softest leather after Cloudsoft ©

5. What are the sizings available?

    1. 35 to 41. 
    2. We do have size 34 for Day Sneakers. 
    3. As Day Sneakers and Chelsea Boots are unisex, we carry from 34 - 46.

6. Are the shoes slip resistant?

Yes our shoes are made with anti-slip soles, however it will still be slippery in the event you are walking on wet or oily tiled floor.

7. I’ve bunions, which shoes are good for me at Boutique Fairs? 

The preppy loafers and slip on loafers would be great for customers with bunions

8. Why are the sizing inconsistent? Why do the same size of shoes, but different colours fit me differently? 

Different leather colour have different elasticity, for eg. our softest leather Cloudsoft © - toast, ovaltine, burnt caramel and chai are softer so they tend to stretch more than other leather colour. For the same size, different colour they do fit differently sometimes.

In addition, because they are handcrafted, a small human error of 0.1cm do tend to make a huge difference when we try them on.



1. How long will the MTO take? 

1 to 2 months, the first batch of MTO will arrive end May, you can receive them sometime between mid June to end June latest. Only place an order if you are comfortable with the wait. A restock will arrive after the MTO is completed, most likely end July.

2. Would it be faster if I buy them in store or at BFS? 

Orders from BFS will be priority, followed by in-store. In the event, we are sold out at this BFS, it will be Made-To-Order at our launch next week on 3rd May.

3. Can I exchange if the MTO is not my size after I order my MTO?

Yes, as long as they are within our 14 days exchange window from when you receive the shoes, unworn, unused and in it’s original cloth bag.

4. Can I exchange if the MTO is defective? 

We are sorry to hear that, Yes, as long as they are within our 14 days exchange window from when you receive the shoes, unworn, unused and in it’s original cloth bag. Do write to us at hello@communewear.com to faciliate the exchange.

5. I’m in a rush to wear the shoes for a trip, will they make it in time? 

We do not guarantee the shoes to be arriving anytime earlier than 1 - 2 months. Do place the order only if you are comfortable with the wait.

6. How do I know when my order will be arriving? 

They will be arriving 1 - 2 months after BFS, most likely end May - end June. The first batch of customers can receive them by early June.

Only place an order if you are comfortable with the wait.

7. Are there sizes to try on, since they are sold out? 

Yes we have kept 1 size each from 35 - 41 for each designs, you can head down to BFS or instore between 3rd May - 13th May to try on and place the orders.

Kindly note that MTO are first come first serve basis, the earlier you place the order, the higher chance for you to receive them earlier.

Also do note that sometimes order fulfillment are not by order no, as our artisan make the shoes by batches in colour.

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