Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

Ever wondered how the shoes are designed & sampled in Commune Wear?

Ever wondered how the shoes are designed & sampled?
It starts with sketches and illustrations of the shoes we are inspired by.
We try to put in as many details as possible while sketching - the shape of the base, how the shoes should fit, the colour and stitching of it.
Our leather master, with over 25 years of experience, creates the samples for us.
The first sample is done with microfiber & paper, ensuring that we reduce wastage.
Once they look aesthetically pleasing. We create another sample, this time with the leather of our choice.
This gets shipped to us - our favourite part of the whole journey.  
We get to see the shoes appearing from paper to the physical product. - one of the most surreal parts of the journey.
We use them on multiple test runs, asking our friends to try them on too.
We usually have to send it back for tweaking here & there - moving the leather a few inches, it's all in the details!
Do you know?
All the co-founders in CW are a size 39!
Once the final sample is approved, we make another round of samples, this time with the leather colours we have chosen.
We then arrange for a photoshoot while the artisan work hard to produce them in time for the launch. 
It's a journey to create each pair, we hope you love them as much as we love making them!

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