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FAQs about leather shoes

Handcrafted Leather

Does the leather stretch over time?

Yes, leather is a material that will naturally stretch over time and will mould to your feet. We believe a fitted shoe should feel nothing more than "comfortable and snug".

Can the shoes get wet?

It's best not to! The main issue arises when the leather dries after it gets wet.  As the water dries, it draws out the natural oil of the leather, losing its supple quality which makes it brittle. 

If you do get caught by surprise in the rain, fret not! Stuff your leather shoes with newspaper and allow them to air dry naturally. 

Keep them away from heat sources, direct sun or hairdryer, as it may warp the leather.

When the leather is still damp, apply a coat of leather conditioner.  Using a soft and clean cloth to massage the conditioner in small circular motions. 

How do I take care of the leather when it's wet?

1. Gently wipe off any water & allow it to dry naturallyIt's important not to apply any strong heat, eg. hairdryer / under direct sun.

2. While the leather is damp, apply a thin coat of leather conditioner, in a small circular rotation with a soft and clean cloth. We're currently using leather conditioner from Howard.

*spot test the conditioner on the leather, also note that too much conditioner is not good for the leather.

How do I care for my leather shoes?

1. Take the time each week to wipe away dust with a soft cloth or brush. Never use alcohol wipes to clean your leather bags or shoes.

2. Leather needs to breathe, just like your skin. You should rotate your shoes and avoid wearing the same pair every day. Your feet sweat throughout the day, and the leather absorbs the moisture. Damp leather is more susceptible to stretching, creasing, scuffing and staining.

3. The way you store your shoes is important. Keep them in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space, away from direct sunlight. Humidity ruins the structure of the leather and causes the glue to loosen. If you are not wearing them often, keep them in a dust bag to protect them from dust particles.

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