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Leather Care Kit

It's time to give your leather shoes the attention they deserve because proper care goes a long way.

Introducing our Leather Care Kit, back in stock and ready to keep your favorite footwear in pristine condition! Our Leather Care Kit is designed to make the process effortless and effective. This kit includes a premium leather cleaner, a gentle brush, and a soft cloth, all the essentials you need for maintaining the longevity and beauty of your leather shoes.

Why is it important to care for your leather shoes? Leather is a natural material that needs nourishment and protection to stay supple and avoid drying out or cracking. By regularly cleaning and conditioning your leather shoes, you're not only preserving their appearance but also extending their lifespan.

Other leather care tips: 

- Try to avoid getting your shoes wet. If you do get caught in the rain, fret not! Stuff your shoes and allow them to air dry naturally. If the leather gets dry afterwards, gently treat with a leather conditioner to restore it. 

- Leather needs to breathe, just like your skin. You should rotate your shoes and avoid wearing the same pair consecutively. Store your shoes in a cool, dry and well ventilated space away from direct sunlight. 

- Leather is a material that will naturally stretch and mould to your feet over time. Taking time regularly to care for the leather will extend its lifespan and increase comfort. Clean any direct off gently with a soft cloth or brush. Never use harsh chemicals or alcohol wipes to clean your leather. 

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