Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

Our Cove by Commune Wear

It’s been a year in Cluny Court Singapore, time flies. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to meet many of you in this space.
The milestones are truly important to us, and we wish to keep growing and developing as a brand, to do better and be better. We’ve been searching for a store throughout the year, as we’ve been envisioning a cosy cove where we want to call home for the next few years.
A place to be able to host not only you, but your family and friends. A cove that you can be as comfortable as wearing our memory foamed shoes.  
When we were designing this home, we wanted it to remind us of our travels, places that make us happy and our first space, CWSpace back in Yangon. The arch and the little dining space are a tribute to the first place we welcomed you.
We want to be mindful when sourcing for the furniture for the store, mixing both old and new. Reusing and recycling the furniture we love and have by adding vintage pieces that have aged beautifully despite the little chips, dents and marks.
Our little cove is coming to life. Welcome to Our Cove by Commune Wear, a new space that’s specially designed for you and your family and friends. We created this space as we would a pair of shoes. We kept it classic and timeless.
Cluny Court, #02-20 


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