Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20


Hoping to bridge the gap between fast fashion and high-end footwear, collections from Commune Wear focus heavily on comfort and style, with the added bonus of an accessible price point.

Each pair of shoes are proudly handcrafted by skilled cobblers who are part of a second-generation family-owned business. With their passion and dedication to crafting, and products that are made to last, Commune Wear hopes to encourage a more sustainable approach to fashion choices. Individual components of the shoes have all been carefully selected to achieve the highest standards of quality - from the buttery soft calf leather used to line the uppers to the memory foam encased within the soles. To provide long lasting comfort, shoes have been designed to reduce common pressure points and naturally mould to the foot over time.

Collections are named after cities in Myanmar, with design inspiration drawn from the unique elements that each city has to offer.