Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

Behind the construction of Espadrilles

Handcrafted Leather

What are Espadrilles Shoes? 
The primary feature of espadrilles is the braided jute sole (esparto rope). The handcrafting of espadrilles is generally more complex than other leather shoes, like sandals and mules.
History of Espadrilles
Having been around for centuries, espadrilles shoes are by no means a new style. The roots of the rope-soled footwear date back to 14th-century southern France and Spain.
Do you know? 
The handcrafting of espadrilles is generally more complex than that of leather sandals and mules. The jute soles are the most critical part. The process of weaving, braiding, gluing, and stitching is very laboriously. They are then carefully formed into the shape of the sole and pressed with heat to keep the shape. We also added an extra step - with leather lining and memory foam on the base of the soles, to ensure extra comfort.

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