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Mindful Journey 1.0

Handcrafted Leather

On our journey towards becoming more mindful and sustainable. We're taking steps to be better on the environment. 

It was a journey finding the right insoles for our sandals and sliders. Not only did we want the softest leather that was both flexible and comfortable. We wanted a tannery that works with the traditional method of naturally bleaching and tanning the leather.

What is tanning? It's basically the process that converts the hide to leather. The process and how it's handled have significant impact on the qualities of the leather shoes, and how long the leather last. 

With naturally tanning, it soften and acquire the beautiful patina over time. This method of tanning dates back to almost approximately 6000 BC. 

Natural tanning come from trees, such as oak, chestnut or mimosa. The hides are soaked in these tanning solution, extracting the liquid out of the leather. The process is complex and require multiple treatments over a period of a few months. This require work from highly skilled craftsmen. 

There are relatively few tanneries today that have the skill and capability to produce vegetable tanned leather. It's far too expensive, as it involve extremely high skill and time to produce them. 


Things we love about Vegetable Tanned Leather. 

  • The beautiful and unique natural earthy tones it create. Each tanning results in a different tint. 
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather are entirely organic material, that means this leather will change and age with time. It grows softer and darker. Acquiring patina over time.
  • It is not water resistant, and water causes splotches or marks. However, this also become a part of the patina.
  • Be sure to keep away from direct exposure of sun or heat. It causes the leather to dry out or crack.
  • It has great durability and strength, but scratches easily. And with shallow scratches it can be buffed out. if it is well cared for it last a lifetime. 

Today, less than 9% of world's leather uses naturally tanned leather. The other alternative is Chrome Tanning. Chrome Tanning is favoured as it result in softer leather, and less prone to water stains. 

We are striving hard to introduce more naturally tanned leather to all other aspects of our leather other than the insole. 


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