Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

Between the Seasons 2.0

The launch of Between the seasons 2.0 is here. 

Between the Seasons transpired despite the times of uncertainty.

When beginning this collection we had a beautiful vision of what we wanted but paced ourselves as we spoke of colours and designs that truly spoke to us.

The middle was very blurred as it was when the pandemic was in full swing and we lost direction.

Personally, it weighed heavy on us to see our start-up have a rocky start but with the ongoing support and the wonderful response we received once we moved internationally, we remembered why we decided to do this, and this helped us mentally, stay afloat.

We focused on what we could and nurtured the process every step of the way and finally, saw our vision materialize.

Our Between the Seasons collection was a combination of feelings, growth and finding ourselves and our vision in times of uncertainty. With the global pandemic, it became very difficult to keep going or stay motivated and so we put our energy into something and Between the Seasons was born. 

Between the seasons 2.0, made us realise that we should;

Spare some kindness for ourselves and others, to hold space and give space, to laugh and cry together. 

Joy that cannot be stolen or altered. it is resilient hope, a cherished seed that grows and blossoms when it is shared. 

Take hold of these closely, dearly and don’t give up - the next moment is just around the corner.


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