Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

Paradigm Shift

We first got to know about Paradigm Shift through our first stockist, Gather Stores. And we became Instagram-friends (thank goodness for social media & the pandemic making us socialize online) with the founder, Audris Quek. 

When we first met Audris at our store, conversations and ideas flow smoothly. Audris is friendly and sincere, and share generously about her solo-entrepreneur journey with Paradigm Shift, an ethically fashion label. 

She feels that sustainability is all about making the more conscious choice. The collection are well-made and designs that are timeless, pieces that you will reach out for again and again. 

Paradigm Shift is a responsible fashion label that aspires to benefit and empower everyone involved in its supply chain. 

The P.S lady is clothed with strength and dignity. She breaks social norms, carries powerful influence and evokes positive change.

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