Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

CW&Co: A Thing of Sense

A scent for every month, a reason for every season. 

All candles are hand-poured with 100% natural soy wax and do not contain any parabens or phthalates. Every candle is responsibly made, labelled by hand and personally packed with care. 

Candles are scented with premium-graded fragrance oils; hand blended in-house, then paired with eco cotton wicks and a sturdy vessel. 

Explore a trio of scents inspired by moments, nature and the seasons. A full sensory experience awaits you. 

Discovery Kit 01 - Before Sunrise 
Discovery Kit 02 - Before Sunset 
Discovery Kit 03 - Before Midnight 

If you ask us, our favourite is definitely Discovery Kit 03 - something really unique about the scent. You can smell the effort & time spent creating these unique scents by the brand. 

You can also consider Big boy jar once you've decided on the individual scent. Our personal favourite is Sleep 

Feel grounded in earthy cypress and smoky blends of patchouli and fir seeping through the air. Our favourite candles features scent notes of hinoki cypress, moss, eucalyptus, incense, patchouli, bayberry and fir. 



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