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CW&Co: Hygn

Hygn was born in 2020 and raised with a strong passion to offer natural personal care products that are safe for everyone to use in daily life.

They worked from the ground up to secure high-quality natural ingredients – including both locally sourced in Thailand and exotic ingredients from overseas.

Through relentless continuous in-depth market and material research, they developed a unique formula that was not only sanitary but also adhered to their philosophy – a perfect blend of hygiene and elegance.

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray 

The next-level of hand protection and nourishment produced from natural ingredients.

Formulated with 75% Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol distilled from cassava and enhanced with up to five premium natural ingredients to effectively offer immediate protection and nourishment to the hand while remaining its natural balance.


  • The 75% Food Grade Alcohol spray offers immediate protection against 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria, and is also

    infused with Centella Asiatica Extract; a natural antibacterial & antioxidant ingredient

  • Fully replenish and deeply moisturise your hands with the efficacious Chamomile, Organic Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Sugar

    Beet Extract, which may also help reduce irritation and inflammation from rashes

  • The delicate and fine mist helps soften your hands without over-drying lingering effects

  • You can spray on as often as you want, without wiping or rinsing off with water, and never have to feel sticky again

  • Certified for germicidal and detergent sanitizing action of disinfecting by ALS (Australian Laboratory Services)

  • The products are FDA registered and manufactured in a GMP compliant facility

  • Three scents are available: Rose / Aqua /Citrus


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