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CW&Co: Slow Rituals

SLOW RITUALS is a self care brand inspired by nature and yoga, and an advocate of slow living - a slower approach to life, making conscious and mindful decisions, focusing our energy on all that really matters.

We sat down with the founder of Slow Ritual & have a chat. 

How was SLOW RITUALS founded?
While living for the little moments in life, I was constantly battling hurdles life threw my way. Hustling at work, keeping up with social connections, and trying to balance my well-being all at the same time. In 2018, I found the practice of mindfulness through yoga, sealing the intention of staying present during each practice.

In an Yin Yoga class which I attended on a regular basis, my teacher always diffuses lavender essential oil during savasana at the end of every practice, and with every breath, I felt more calm and at ease. These led me to delve further into aromatherapy and botanicals, embarking on the journey of self-care with the use of essential rolls, smudge sticks, and various natural remedies.

The idea of SLOW RITUALS blossomed when I realised how these rituals could benefit not only myself, but anyone who is keen on taking a slower, wholesome approach to life.

Where do you draw inspiration?
SLOW RITUALS is inspired by experiences, be it through traveling, spending time with nature, or yoga practices. We re-create the feelings or emotions invoked through these experiences, and formulate these rituals with the intention to achieve such feelings at the comfort of our home.

Which is your favourite product?
It’s hard to choose, but if I really had to, it would probably be the Nourishing Botanical Body Oil. I have really sensitive skin to the extent that I get hives after sitting on dirty surfaces or rashes if I use products which are not suitable for my skin. The Body Oil moisturises my skin really well without irritation, and does not leave any greasy or waxy residue or sweat off during a humid day.

What is a slow ritual that you have incorporated in your life?
Tea. Drinking tea really helps with slowing down. I love having hearty conversations with friends and family, or spending some me-time during the weekend over a cup of tea.

Commune Wear's Favourite 

Using the dropper, apply onto palm or directly on the application area. Massage into damp, clean skin. Best used after a warm shower.

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