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One of our favourite things about Biker Starlet is the selection of bags, from the Greta to their Reversible Shopper, there really is a bag that caters to your lifestyle.

We asked Jiaen, co-founder of Commune Wear which bag works for her, as a mom of two:

Q: Which bag is your favourite from BIKERSTARLET?

The Reversible Shopper Bag for sure!

With two kids in tow there are so many things to carry - water bottles, spare clothes, wipes, keys, my phone, spare masks, sanitiser, snacks.. oh boy the list is never ending.

The wide base of the shopper is perfect for seeing everything in my bag at a glance.

I love that the bag is reversible - makes it so unique! And despite it’s size, it’s surprisingly lightweight - super important for me given the number of things I’ve got to carry.  

I got it in black and mustard, you can never go wrong with black and the mustard is a nice pop of colour! The bright inside also means I’m not constantly digging in a dark hole.

Q: On a busy day what is something you always have in your bag for the kids that is life saving?

SNACKS! Snacks are always welcome in any situation. If the kids are getting tired or grumpy from being on the go with me, they instantly perk up the minute they have snacks.

Q: What are three things you never leave the house without?

My phone, hand sanitiser and wet wipes for grubby fingers.

Q: What does a day during the lockdown look like for you and the kids?

The kids sort of have a basic routine everyday - breakfast, play time, nap, lunch, play time and dinner. We try to get the kids at least a little outdoor time everyday.

We might go for a walk in the vicinity or a bike ride round the neighbourhood! If all else fails, they’re always delighted to have tub time!

My secret trick is to keep toys out of rotation and bust them out when you really need them!

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