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Pull-up Leather


Pull-up is a finishing technique of top grain leather, when natural wax is infused into the hide during the tanning process. Pull-up leather is used for most of our men's shoes. Each cycle can take up to 6 weeks to complete, and produces a rugged yet beautifully smooth leather that can withstand most conditions.
The sturdiness of pull-up leather is great for footwear. The leather is highly malleable and becomes more supple with age.The surface of the leather is water-resistant compared to other type of tanning.
Caring for and cleaning pull-up leather is easy. Light abrasions can either be rubbed away by your finger or with a soft, dry cloth. For heavier cleaning, dampen the cloth and rub the blemishes away gently.
You can keep dust and lint away by storing your pull-up leather footwear in cotton shoe bags, provided with every purchase.
Characteristics of pull-up leather
1. Durability and longevity
The waxes and oils combine with the leather’s fibers to create a strong bond that makes pull-up leather extremely durable. It won’t tear, flake or warp and will age beautifully over time.
2. Development of patina
Like most other natural leathers, pull-up will develop a rich patina over time - which adds so much character and depth. 
3. Scratches
Although pull-up leather scratches easily, it can recover quickly. Simply rub your thumb across the scratch and your natural oils and your body heat and will help the waxes to shift and the scrape will diminish. Deeper scratches might not completely disappear, but they will become part of the overall appearance. Given its inherent toughness, pull-up leather takes on scuffs and scrapes better than any other type of leather, which actually enhances its character over time.

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