Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

The Art of Handcrafted Leather Shoes

On a recent trip, after months of waiting due to COVID restrictions, we visited our cobblers and sat down with Noi - our third-generation cobbler, and spoke about his craft. 
Leather is its own sort of canvas, except it's thicker and you can mend and cut it whichever way you choose.
With leather, you have to care for the process from start to finish. When the leather has been harvested, it then goes into the tanning process - we use the method of vegetable-tanned leather for sliders and sandals insole. Vegetable tanned leather contains tannin extracts naturally found in tree bark, which will produce leather that is flexible. At the end of this process, special fats are added to the leather which will help the leather be both stronger and softer in what’s called a liquoring process. Once the liquoring process is done, it's time to think of colours and design.
The colour and design process are one of the most unreal parts of the steps as you see a raw material turn into its perfectly handcrafted form.
When you wear a pair of Commune Wear leather shoes, you wear a part of us. A part of a process specifically designed to look out for your feet, with intention and love. 
At the end of the trip, and after a much-needed catch-up with Pae and the team, our hearts couldn't feel more grateful for the love and support we get from our commun(e)ity.
Your patience and understanding throughout the past year mean so much to us. With COVID and all the delays, restrictions, and regulations, we couldn't have made it through without your support.
Thank you.
Commune Wear Team

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