Our Cove at Cluny Court #02-20

Discovery Kit 02 | Before Sunset
Discovery Kit 02 | Before Sunset

Discovery Kit 02 | Before Sunset

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Discover Before Sunrise:
Ride | Amber Skies & Oakmoss (80g)
Run | Deep Woods & Sweet Tobacco (80g)
Soar | Mellow Skies & Rosewood (80g)

Net Weight: 240g / 8.5 oz
Burn time: up to 16 hours each

Made with 100% natural soy wax, premium-graded fragrance oil blends and eco cotton wicks. Hand-poured, labeled and shipped from Singapore.

Ride takes us on a midnight drive, cruising down the empty highways. The cool night air against amber skies takes its hint from the oakmoss, sage and green leaves.

Scent notes: oakmoss, amber, tonka bean, sage, orange, grapefruit, lavender, cinnamon, green leaves, pecan, cedar

Run takes us on an endless run, deep into the woods, amidst the faint air of sweet tobacco and juniper berries.

Scent notes: sweet tobacco, vetiver, juniper berry, mahogany woods, vanilla bean, dark brown sugar, forest fruit

Soar reminds us of mellow skies and rosewood; a warm saturation seeping through the clouds, taking its hint from the spiced honey, tonka and amber.

Scent notes: spiced honey, tonka, bergamot, rosewood, amber, coriander, musk, tobacco leaves