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Discovery Kit 03 | Before Midnight
Discovery Kit 03 | Before Midnight
Discovery Kit 03 | Before Midnight

Discovery Kit 03 | Before Midnight

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Discover Before Sunrise:
Sleep | Wild Grove & Cypress (80g)
Dream | Oasis Musk & Sweet Amber (80g)
Dance | Cloud Mist & Cedarwood (80g)

Net Weight: 240g / 8.5 oz
Burn time: up to 16 hours each

Made with 100% natural soy wax, premium-graded fragrance oil blends and eco cotton wicks. Hand-poured, labeled and shipped from Singapore.

Sleep takes us deep into the wilderness; grounded in earthy cypress and smoky blends of patchouli and fir seeping through the air.

Scent notes: hinoki cypress, moss, eucalyptus, incense, patchouli, bayberry, fir

Somewhere between sleep and wake;

a dreamlike state exists – reimagined. Heart notes of cardamom and plum blends harmoniously with hints of sweet amber and musk.

Scent notes: cardamom, plum, citrus, sea salt, ambrette seed, hay, amber, musk

Dance reminds us of a tune, lost in reverie; of fading clouds amidst blue skies, underscored with notes of cedarwood, freesia and sea salt.

Scent notes: freesia, cedarwood, dry pine, eucalyptus, sea salt, moss